Congreso Internacional que se celebró en Lyon, Francia, del 2-5 octubre 2019

Presenté comunicación titulada:

«Body-emotion in the melodramatic documentary»

Performing a kind of realism which places emotions in the foreground is one of the main characteristics of the emotional changes detected in contemporary documentary films. Now it became possible to speak of a melodramatic documentary that not only incorporates the emotional factor in its development, but also embodies the merging of real and emotional landscapes.

The question posed in this paper is:

How is the female body presented today in documentary films directed by women in Spain?

Formó parte del panel «Body, woman and documentary» que compartí con compañeras de investigación Elena Fraj Herranz, Aina Fernández, Mª Soliña Barreiro y Cloe Masotta.

viernes 4 de octubre de 14 a 16:30 hrs.

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